Bring your dog to work day!

It’s Bring Your Dog To Work Day! We all know how much our dogs can improve our mental health & wellbeing in a number of ways, but studies also show that when your dog is with you in the office, productivity levels are increased too. The team at Wilsons love spending every working day with their four legged friends, and fortunately that's just part of the job description!

We heard from the Wilsons team about how their dogs have helped them over the past year both working from home and in the office.

Nicola, our Marketing Manager has had Paddy & Maisie with her working from home since last March and had this to say “as hard as the last year has been, I've been very lucky to spend so much quality time with my two dogs. Whether it's been spontaneous walks, lunchtime training or cuddles while I'm working, they've definitely helped me get through this tough time - although Paddy hasn't been so keen to share his sofa…”

Kamil, our Head of Operations takes Olaf into work every single day giving him the name he is most known for as our Wilsons office dog! Not only has Olaf kept Kamil going, the rest of the team love having him around too.

Kamil spoke to us! “It's the best thing in the world being able to have Olaf with us at work. During last few months he was a great help with relieving our stress levels and keeping our spirits high. Most importantly he is a constant reminder of why we are doing what we are doing - to give the best we can to our four legged friend.”

Dan, our Head of Sales, takes his puppy Pippa into the office everyday! 
"I love having Pippa in the office because it gives me a chance to break up the day. Taking her for a walk at lunch gives me time away from my laptop to re focus for the afternoons work, in lockdown it was so hard to have a ‘break’ so taking Pippa for a walk let me keep structure in my day which helped with my mental health a lot! 
She loves being in the office and spends a lot of time on my knee with her head on the desk napping."