Leon Towers joins the Wilsons Clan!

Leon Towers joins the Wilsons Clan

We are absolutely delighted to announce our new brand ambassador LEON TOWERS! 👨🏼‍🎓🐶

Leon has an extraordinary amount of experience in all things dog, from health and nutrition to behaviour and encouraging fun. 🎾🐕 

Who is Leon?

Leon is a dog behaviourist and qualified dog psychologist based in Gloucestershire, England. You'll probably recognise him from TV shows including Channel 4’s Embarrassing Pets or Channel 5’s Meet the Paw-rents: Celebs and Their Dogs.

Leon helps dogs and their owners across the UK with a wide variety of problematic dog behaviour patterns, such as biting, chewing, jumping up, aggression, fear and anxiety.

He never uses any tactics of fear, force or bullying in his training, and focuses solely on positive reinforcement with a non-physical approach.

Not only that, but Leon is passionate about helping dogs and their owners develop the perfect routine to help improve dogs' mental health and behaviour. He's also qualified canine nutritionist and helps owners make the right choices for their dog's diet.

How did we find Leon?

Leon Towers

He has been a huge advocate of Wilsons food as part of his bespoke behaviour training programmes, and we thought it was high time we locked in his expertise to share with our Wilsons clan.

Here’s what Leon says about Wilsons: “As a world renowned canine expert I am delighted to announce my collaboration with Wilsons dog food as their new Ambassador and I am so excited to join the Wilsons family!

"I have promoted their quality dog food for over 18 months now as I always kept my finger on the pulse when it comes to promoting the ‘best current food brand’ available for your dog.

"While normally these brands evolve, for the first time I can say that Wilsons IS and always will be a brand of dog food full of quality ingredients to meet the needs of all dogs.

"As brand ambassador I will bring an abundance of knowledge, tips, and tricks for our four-legged friends to compliment a brand that has a 160 year history!”

Welcome Leon, we’re thrilled to have you. 🐾🐶