Our New #WilsonstotheRescues Charity - Dunrunnin Rehoming Kennels

We're thrilled to announce Dunrunnin Rehoming Kennels as the Spring charity for our Wilsons to the Rescues campaign. Karen Farley set up the Dunrunnin Kennels in 2013 with the backing of the Greyhound Trust, the kennels are run as a non-profit enterprise solely for the purpose of rehoming retired racing greyhounds. 

In 2020 a dedicated charity was set up by some of our volunteers and Dunrunnin Hounds came into existence. This charity supports the kennels by funding dogs for re-homing especially those who may have special needs. We have deviated and do take the occasional lurcher from the pound and once even a Springer spaniel – Willow, was an honorary greyhound.

The kennels rely upon their dedicated volunteer force to walk and provide the time and love the greyhounds need to make the transition to the perfect pet. We are constantly trying to improve the kennels to enhance the lives of the hounds that are in our care and our trusty volunteers work tirelessly to raise funds to this end.

We are a happy band of hound lovers and are only able to continue to find these super dogs their forever homes due to the amazing volunteers. It is thanks to their efforts that we are managing to home around 150 greyhounds a year!

"Dunrunnin are delighted to be the latest winners of the WilsonstotheRescues Campaign. As a very small rehoming centre, we will derive a great benefit from this and are so pleased to have been nominated & then to to have won!  It’s great that a UK dog food company appreciates the rescue/rehoming organisations and their support will make a real difference to the dogs in our care. Thankyou Wilsons Pet Food from all the Dunrunnin Hounds."

Learn more about our Wilsons to the Rescues campaign or visit their website.