Vinnie & Vycki prepare for the Scottish Rally Obedience Team at Crufts 2022

We had the pleasure of meeting Vycki Brock and her German Spitz, Vinnie at Crufts in 2020, who are thrilled to have been selected once again for the Scottish Rally Obedience Team for Crufts 2022. Vinnie and Vycki are huge fans of Wilsons cold pressed and tell us more about preparing for this event plus training with Wilsons. 

My German Spitz Vinnie and I were delighted to be selected for the Crufts 2022Vinnie Scottish Rally Obedience Team Crufts 2022 Scottish Rally Obedience Team - competing in Level 1. 
Rally Obedience is a fun sport where the dog and handler teams navigate a course of exercises. There are six levels of difficulty with the course exercises varying - featuring up to 18 challenges including recalls, cone weaves and heel work. The Crufts Inter-regional Rally Competition features 7 teams - Team Scotland will compete against teams from England (4), Wales and Northern Ireland.
Crufts is a very busy environment which can be challenging for dogs - so in the run up to the big event, Vinnie has been practicing his moves in many different places. 
Vinnie is a very food motivated dog and I like to give him high quality treats. I’ve found Wilsons cold pressed food works perfectly for this purpose - as well as being an excellent choice for his regular feeding.
It’s easy and not messy to carry in your treat bag or pocket and I also use the cold pressed food in Vinnie’s treat dispensing machine - which we use for setting up a reward station in Rally training, as well as his agility training. 

Don't forget, if you're visiting Crufts this year, Wilsons will also be there! Visit us in Hall 4 on stand 136 and take advantage of our huge show offers.