Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cold Pressed dog food?

Cold Pressed is made without the use of high temperatures or steam.
As part of the process, ingredients are mixed then gently pressed for just a few seconds at a low temperature. This way, the food’s natural goodness is preserved.

How does Cold Pressed dog food differ from dry kibble?

Most dry dog feeds are made using extreme heat, and this cooks away all the important nutrients. This extrusion method doesn’t allow for rapid digestion, and the food can swell up causing your dog’s stomach to bloat.

Are all Cold Pressed foods the same?

Like most foods, quality can vary. Instead of using meat meal, we take salmon, lamb or poultry as our 1st ingredient, then mix with a blend of vegetables, fruit, minerals and supplements. We use seven different vitamins in all our recipes. There are no artificial colours, aromas or preservatives.

What are the main benefits of Cold Pressed dog food?

Recipes are processed at lower temperatures to preserve natural ingredients.
The food breaks down from the outside inwards, making for easier digestion. Other proven benefits include an improved immune system, extra energy and reduced flatulence. You may also note a shinier skin and coat.

Is Cold Pressed dog food expensive?

Wilsons produce three varieties of Cold Pressed food and, as a premium product, they each represent good value for money. We’ve searched the length and breadth of the country to source the best of ingredients and we’ve spared no expense.

In addition, as Wilsons is a densely-made product, it will last you about 30% longer making it price competitive with top-of-the-line kibble.

Can Wilsons be fed to smaller dogs and puppies?

Absolutely! And if you are worried about the food being too hard, you have the option to soak with warm water. We would recommend our Salmon and Sweet potato recipe due to a better balance between Calcium and Phosphorous.

How should I store Cold Pressed dog food?

Wilsons’ dog food is a natural product and is best consumed within 6-7 months of purchase. Please check sell-by dates on the packaging. We advise storing in a raised position and away from direct sunlight to permit cooler circulation.

Where is Wilsons Cold Pressed dog food made?

Wilsons have been producing animal and pet feeds since 1861, and were one of the first companies to start making muesli-mix feed products sixty years ago. Today, our Cold Pressed dog food is produced from a purpose-built unit in Perthshire, Scotland.