Wilsons plan raw food factory

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November 11, 2018: Wilsons Pet Food has launched a range of cold press recipes for dogs – and plans to invest in the growing raw food sector of the market by building a plant to manufacture the recipes.

The Perthshire-based company that can trace its heritage back well over a hundred years is now owned by Craig Wallace. In the 1980s the business moved to state-of the-art facilities in Dundee to concentrate fully on the working dog feed market, which Wilsons Pet Food still specialises in to this day.

As well as working dog foods, the company produces an expanded range of products, claiming to source only ‘the best quality ingredients’ and produce ‘top quality, appetising foods, which help to maintain the health and vitality of any dog’.

“It was a philosophy actively embraced by John Wilson and we are proud to continue that long tradition” says Craig Wallace.


Craig has a strong background in manufacturing, having spent the last decade working in the food industry on both the manufacturing and consultancy side of the business. When he bought Wilsons Pet Food he was looking for a business that he could call his own and felt fortunate when Wilsons came up for sale and that he could take over an established brand.

Craig has been around dogs all his life owning a springer spaniel when he was younger and now being the proud owner of a dogue de Bordeuax. He has made it his mission to produce ‘some of the best pet food on the market’ and to make Wilsons Pet Food one of the best premium food manufacturing companies in the UK.

With what Craig believes is the only purpose-built factory in the UK to produce cold press food, Wilsons is hoping to further expand its customer base. It wants to establish the Wilsons brand even more in the pet food market as well as maintaining its presence in their more traditional markets of working dog and agriculture.


“The Cold Press process itself brings a number of benefits,” said Craig, “however, at Wilsons we are mindful that a well-rounded product needs good quality ingredients and a well-balanced, nutritional recipe. We have worked with the top nutritionists specialising in cold press products, who have, based on scientific studies, created a complete dog food with all six of the major nutrient groups: carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water.”

Wilsons has also formulated two of its products to be completely grain free with the other product using a low allergenicity gluten source, rice.
“Our recipes have been designed with a limited ingredient ethos with single source protein. It was essential for us to keep the product as natural as possible and so we have prioritised achieving nutritional balance through ingredients,” said Craig. “Wherever possible we use all UK ingredients. We have had to source the best rice from abroad but even our seaweed is sourced from UK coastal waters, supporting UK industry and minimising the carbon foot-print of our product. Not having to import product is a cost saving for us also, which we can pass on to the customers.”

The Wilsons cold press food is currently available in three varieties, Mountain Stream, which is Scottish Salmon and Sweet Potato; Secret Pasture, which is British Lamb and Brown Rice, and Sunrise Song which is Chicken and Vegetables. The recipes are available in 2.5 and 10kg bags.

Wilsons currently has a factory in Blairgowrie, purpose-built for the cold press manufacturing process and supported by the Scottish Government. A second plant for raw frozen food has been built by Perth Council with its own solar farm.

Wilsons is currently being stocked by Vital Pet Food, Broomhall Wholesalers, Harbo, Pets at Home and Tarff Valley to name but a few, and is looking to expand its stockists further south and work with retailers that specialise in stocking premium and raw food diets, especially independent and grouped pet stores.

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