Ambassador Dougal: how do you feed raw?

It's Raw August! This month, our aim is to educate about the benefits of feeding a raw diet... and where can we begin?
  • Fantastic benefits for skin & coat
  • Digestion & immune support
  • Reduced bloating
  • Joint care
Moreover, raw fed dogs tend to have healthier weight, better skin, breath, and reduced shedding. 
We would love to show the variety of ways in which raw can be fed along with the variety of breeds who enjoy Wilsons raw frozen. Our ambassador Dougal, @dougal.out.west, has completed a Raw Factsheet to give you an insight into their raw feeding!   

About your dogs

What is your dog’s age? Almost 2, 21 months

What breed is your dog?

How long has your dog been on a raw diet?
15 months

Why do you choose to feed your dog a raw diet?
I believe it’s a natural way to feed a tasty meal and much more enriching for them. After losing my last dog to cancer at a young age, I wanted to try my best to feed minimally processed food.

About their food

What range of Wilsons raw frozen do you feed (Premium or Core 80|10|10)? We feed PremiumFind out the difference between our Premium & Core 80|10|10 ranges. 

Is there a reason behind your choice between either the Premium complete or Core 80|10|10 raw frozen ranges? If so, please explain why!
We chose to feed Premium over the Core, as I find it so much easier when everything he needs is already included.

What is your dog’s favourite Wilsons raw frozen recipe? I would say Lamb Tagine as this is the one that gets wolfed down quickest.

In what way do you feed your dog their raw diet & what does your dog love about it? Sometimes we just pop everything in a regular bowl for a quick, fuss free meal, other times we use a Lickimat, or the Lickimat wobble bowl. Another fun idea is to freeze a meal in a Kong toy for a cooling snack.

Being able to switch up how we feed and make it more interesting is really important. It keeps him interested in his meals and provides some enrichment for him.

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