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Why choose Cold Pressed

Cold Pressed dog food is cooked at lower temperatures to retain nutrition and breaks down in your dogs tum much quicker than regular kibble.

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Samples of Cold Pressed

Thinking of making the switch to Cold Pressed? Why not try a free* sample so your dog can try before you buy, *just pay the p&p. 

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Tips on keeping your furry co-worker entertained

 Our dogs have now been thrust into the new role of co-worker while lots of us are now working from home amid Coronav...

Business as usual at Wilsons Pet Food

We wish to assure customers that production of our pet food is unaffected by the current lockdown. Our team has “key ...
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New Eco-Friendly Packaging

We're thrilled to launch our brand new eco-friendly raw frozen packaging!

Plus our new range of Core 80/10/10 Raw Frozen range

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