160 years of premium dog food,
treats and supplements.

Crafted for better nutrition & to aid digestion, our dog food is natural & minimally processed in Scotland, using the best ingredients.


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Insect Protein Dog Food

Our complete insect-based premium British dry dog food. Gently pressed with black soldier fly, yellow pea & apple.

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Vegan Protein Dog Food

Our complete plant-based premium British dry dog food. Gently pressed with sweet potato, lentil & kale.

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Scottish Salmon Oil for Dogs

Crafted from ethically and sustainably sourced Salmon, farmed in the fresh waters and sea lochs of Scotland.

Explore Salmon Oil

Natural Dog Treats

Selected for their wholesome, natural ingredients, our range of tempting treats mean happy dogs, tummies and owners.

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The Wilsons Way

The Best Ingredients

We use natural, quality ingredients in all our recipes, with grain free and single source protein options available. We know exactly what goes into our food and why.

Healthy Dog, Happy Planet

In a bid to reduce our use of plastic, all our products now come in eco-friendly packaging, so you know that while you are keeping your dog happy & healthy, you're also reducing your impact on the environment.

Wilsons to the Rescues

Every time you purchase a box or tray of Wilsons, we'll donate dog food to a Rescue Centre! You can even help us choose who to support by nominating and voting for a charity.