Breeders Club

Registered breeders save 25% on every order plus receive free puppy packs for new owners.

The Wilsons Pet Food Breeders Club supports registered breeders to raise happy, healthy puppies.

Our raw frozen and cold pressed dog food offers all the nutrients expectant mums need to stay healthy, whilst our free puppy packs help to give growing pups everything they need to thrive through from weaning to adulthood.

The perfect start to life

Why Join our breeders club?

Why Wilsons Pet Food?

Crafted for better nutrition and to aid digestion, our cold pressed and raw frozen dog food is produced in Scotland, using the best ingredients.

Benefits include:

🌱 Natural and minimally processed
🥩 Single-sourced protein options
🐾 Aiding digestion
🐕 Improved skin, coat and all-round health
🐓 A variety of flavours for fussy dogs
🌾 Grain free options
🇬🇧 Made in the UK

While our range of flavours caters for dogs of all ages, we always recommend our Clear Water Salmon cold pressed for pregnant mums and puppies as it has the best calcium to phosporus levels for bone growth.

Salmon is also a high-quality protein, crammed with omega-3 fatty acids providing a whole range of health benefits for dogs.

Why not check out our Scottish Salmon Oil so your dogs get the benefit from every meal, no matter the flavour!


Don't just take our word for it...

The dogs love the food and it works so well with the raw that I now feed them together at every meal.

As you can see the dogs are healthy, have shiny coats and firm stools , and love it, all winners in my book.

Emma, Gladewood

I am really pleased with how well they look on Wilsons.

Here we are at our first show after Covid, winning Best of Breed at the Royal Cheshire County Show after an absence of 18 months.

Zharook credit Phil Gorman Photography
Tineke, Zharook

If you'd like to join our breeders club, email us today at

In order to join our Breeders Club, you'll need to provide your registration certificate for either the Kennel Club or Council Breeding License.

Once you have ordered over 50kg of Wilsons Pet Food, you'll qualify for our free Puppy Packs!

You can claim puppy packs for up to 4 litters every year.

In order to receive your Breeders Club discount, you'll need to register your account on the Wilsons website and we'll give you a unique discount code that will give you 25% off every order.


Puppy packs

  • You must have ordered at least 50kg food from Wilsons to qualify
  • You must have placed an order within the last 3 months to qualify
  • You can claim puppy packs for up to 4 litters per year
  • Requests for puppy packs must be made within 5-3 weeks before pups leave for their new homes to give enough time for packs to be dispatched and delivered
  • Puppy packs include a 2kg box of salmon cold pressed, a leaflet and 20% off first orders for new customers

25% discount is not applicable with other offers, including our loyalty club

All breeders must show proof of breeding license when signing up, and we will assume this license stays up-to-date while you are in the breeders club

Discount will be applied to the breeders account, and can only be used by this account. If any details change, we will assume you will contact us to make changes

Discount is for the breeder signed up ONLY, and can only be delivered to the address that is provided when signing up. Please notify us if you move house.

If breeder is found to be distributing account password and breaking breeder club T&Cs, Wilsons reserves the right to disable discount.

Breeders accounts will be monitored and any inactive accounts over 12 months may be disabled.