Breeders Club

We know the value that good quality food brings to every dog’s life; bright eyes, good coat, great temperament, health and longevity. To help you reach your goals, we offer a Breeders Club with benefits that includes:

  • 30% off our Raw and Cold Pressed Dog Food for registered breeders.
  • Free delivery over £30 spend
  • Puppy Packs for new owners - including a free 2.5kg bag of Salmon & Sweet Potato Cold Pressed, leaflets, and 20% off their first order! Qualify after only 50kg 

For more information on the Wilsons Breeders Club, please contact our Breeder team on

Why Wilsons Cold Pressed?

Wilsons Pet Food's Premium Cold Pressed is perfect for puppies as it's designed to promote good intestinal health with natural antioxidants, and supports strong, healthy bones, eyes, skin and coat. As we press our ingredients at a low temperature, our food retains it's essential nutrients which is passed onto your pup and it also breaks down quicker in your puppy's tum, preventing bloating.

While our whole range caters for any age, we always recommend our Mountain Stream Scottish Salmon and Sweet Potato. Salmon is a high-quality protein, crammed with omega-3 fatty acids which provides various health benefits for dogs including brain health and function, boosting the immune system, reduction in inflammation of the joints, alleviation of symptoms of arthritis and aids joint mobility. It also helps to maintain a healthy skin and coat and a reduction in skin irritations and allergies.


Puppy Testimonials

Heather Toye of Lushlabs, one of the UK’s leading breeders of Fox Red Labradors was one of the first to trial Wilsons Cold Press: “Well Wilsons own the factory, they source all the meat from UK farms, even the seaweed is collected from around the British Isles… it means they have control of the product, they know what goes into the food and don’t rely on a 3rd party to make it! As you know Rosie is our fussy eater; she loves it. There are no artificial colours or preservatives; there really isn’t a downside. Our dogs have lovely glossy coats, also they don’t seem to scratch as much. One final point, Hamish, the rescue Scottie, that belongs to the grandparents was the first to try this. My god, his coat has improved! He is less stressed and bowel movements are regular now!! He loves to eat it, in-fact, the bowl is cleaner post grub; he gets it cleaner than the dishwasher! Now that has to be tasty food!”

Martyn & Laura of award winning Brookquarry Gundogs in Lincolnshire have just weaned a beautiful litter of ten Labradors on the Wilsons Salmon Cold Press for the first time… this is what they found: “We are currently weaning our little of 10 Labrador puppies on the Wilson’s Pet food and moving our other 5 dogs over to the food as well. We have working gundogs, competing in the summer months and picking up in the winter months. Our dogs are our pride and joy and it is extremely important to us that the dogs are fit inside and out, in great condition and have the metal drive. Wilson’s pet food it proving to be brilliant for us and the puppies love it. They are growing brilliantly on the salmon cold compressed and the adult dogs never leave a bowl until empty, the condition and shine on the dogs is exceptional. We highly recommend the food to anyone who wants the best for their dog.”

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