A white labrador retriever puppy is running towards the camera with its tongue sticking out

Breeders Club

We know the value that good quality food brings to every dog’s life; bright eyes, good coat, great temperament, health and longevity.

To help you reach your goals, we offer a Breeders Club with benefits that include:

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Why Wilsons Pet Food?

If you're a breeder looking for dog food designed not only for better digestion and nutrition, but also to promote all round health including coat, skin, eyes, teeth and more, look no further!

Wilsons Pet Food produces a range of cold pressed and raw frozen dog food in our Scottish factories using the best ingredients.

While our range of flavours caters for dogs of all ages, we always recommend our Clear Water Salmon cold pressed for pregnant mums and puppies as it has the best calcium to phosporus levels for bone growth, as well as Salmon being a high-quality protein, crammed with omega-3 fatty acids providing a whole range of health benefits for dogs.

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