Ambassador Finn: how do you feed raw?

The month of August has recently been renamed #Rawgust in the world of raw feeding and we just had to get involved! Our aim for the month is to educate our current and new customers about the benefits of raw feeding, as well as debunking the myths about raw food.
We would love to show the variety of ways in which raw can be fed along with the variety of breeds who enjoy Wilsons raw frozen. Our ambassador Finn, from @tails_on_the_trails, has completed a Raw Factsheet to give you an insight into their raw feeding!   


What is your dog’s age? 8 months – 5 years

What breed is your dog? Border collie

How long has your dog been on a raw diet? From 8 weeks of age

Why do you choose to feed your dog a raw diet? I like the benefits it has on their overall health and condition as well as mimicking their natural diet.


What range of Wilsons raw frozen do you feed (Premium or Core 80|10|10)? Premium

Is there a reason behind your choice between either the Premium complete or Core 80|10|10 raw frozen ranges? If so, please explain why! As I work full time and travel quite regularly I find it more convenient to use a Premium complete diet for the dogs as I can’t always guarantee that I’ll have the extra time to make up balanced meals. I also have the peace of mind in knowing that the dogs are getting a completely nutritional diet.

What is your dog’s favourite Wilsons raw frozen recipe?
Salmon Medley
Please tell us your favourite raw combination and how you like to create your dog’s favourite meal! 
We’ve actually recently started feeding a combination of Wilsons raw and the cold pressed range to help bulk out their daily meals.

In what way do you feed your dog their raw diet & what does your dog love about it? I feed their raw food using Lickimats as well as Kong toys to help stimulate their brains through enrichment and to encourage licking behaviour which promotes calmness and improves oral health.

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