Ambassadors Ralph & Lyra: how do you feed raw?

The month of August has recently been renamed #Rawgust in the world of raw feeding and we just had to get involved! Our aim for the month is to educate our current and new customers about the benefits of raw feeding, as well as debunking the myths about raw food.

We would love to show the variety of ways in which raw can be fed along with the variety of breeds who enjoy Wilsons raw frozen. Our ambassadors Ralph & Lyra, @_coupleofcockers, have completed a Raw Factsheet to give you an insight into their raw feeding!   


What is your dog’s age? Ralph 5 years old, Lyra 4 months old 

What breed are your dogs? Cocker spaniels 

How long has your dog been on a raw diet? Ralph has been on Wilsons raw since April 2021 & Lyra since she came home at 9 weeks old

Why do you choose to feed your dog a raw diet? We started Ralph on the Salmon Medley to help him put weight on. Since then his coat condition has been amazing and glossy and he’s back to a healthy weight. I love that Lyra is getting everything she needs to grow into a healthy dog using the Salmon raw and cold pressed mixed.


What range of Wilsons raw frozen do you feed? Premium Raw Frozen! Find out the difference between our Premium & Core 80|10|10 ranges. 

Is there a reason behind your choice between either the Premium complete or Core 80|10|10 raw frozen ranges? If so, please explain why! We chose the Premium range as that had the salmon flavour, also I loved the added benefits of the added vitamins and minerals. Especially now we have Lyra, we will be sticking to the Premium to make sure she’s getting everything she needs.

What is your dog’s favourite Wilsons raw frozen recipe? We have only tried the Salmon Medley so far, plan to introduce Beef Hot Pot on our next order!

Please tell us your favourite raw combination and how you like to create your dog’s favourite meal! For Ralph, he has half Salmon Medley and half Beef Working Dog cold pressed. Lyra has half Salmon Medley and half either Wild White Fish cold pressed or Clear Water Salmon cold pressed.

In what way do you feed your dog their raw diet? They love it on their Lickimat spread out, as that is also providing them with mental stimulation as it releases pleasure endorphins.

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