Celebrate 160 years of Wilsons with our dog-friendly cheesecake

What better way to celebrate our 160th birthday than a dog-friendly cold pressed cheesecake. We've created this recipe especially for our birthday, but we'd love to see you using it on your dog's birthday's too with their favourite cold pressed from our range!    

What will I need?

The biscuit base

100g of your dog's favourite Wilsons cold pressed (we used our Premium Grass Fed Lamb sample pouch!)

1 tablespoon of rolled oats (we used Scottish oats of course!)

2 tablespoons of 100% natural peanut butter (ensure this is xylitol free as this is toxic to dogs)

1/2 banana, mashed 

The creamy topping

2 tablespoons of Kefir natural yogurt 

2 tablespoons of fat free cream cheese

A handful of chopped blueberries



 How do I make these delicious birthday treats?

  1. Crush 100g of your dog's favourite cold pressed flavour in a mixing bowl
    until it is the texture of a crushed biscuit base. 
  2. Add the peanut butter (xylitol free), rolled oats and mashed banana and mix until combined. 
  3. Roll out the base mixture and cut out individual portions with your favourite cookie cutter, place in the fridge while you make the topping. 
  4. For the cream topping, add the cream cheese, Kefir yogurt and chopped blueberries to a bowl and beat together with a whisk until thick and smooth. 
  5. Add the topping to your base from the previous steps and top with a sprinkle of cold pressed pellets and your dog's favourite fruit.