Dog-friendly walks to enjoy: Ralph & Lyra at Freshney Valley

In celebration of January being National Walking Month, we haveteamed up with our Wilsons ambassadors to give you walkspiration right across the UK! Ralph and Lyra have given us the details of their favourite walk in their local area. Why not try it if you're nearby?... 

Name: Freshney Valley / Behind Grimsby Morrisons Walk 

Location: You can start the walk from Laceby or park near the Grimsby Morrisons and walk down. 

What is available on the route? Freshney Valley (or Behind Morrison’s Walk as I call it!) is acres of beautiful scenery including fields, ponds and woodland, it also includes a rare chalk stream which there are only 200 in the UK! It is full of wildlife. There are numerous routes you can take; it feels never ending. It really is the most beautiful green space we have locally and totally dog heaven. There are no dog friendly cafes nearby, but in the summer there is plenty of space to take a blanket and a picnic, or there is McDonalds right next to Morrisons for a treat afterwards. 

Why is this your favourite walk? Through every season Freshney Valley is such a vast area of beauty. From when we have rain and the fields flood which create brilliant giant puddles, to the hot summer days and the dogs can take a dip down into the stream to cool off and then continue to do zoomies around the open fields. It is the reason I bought my home as I can walk there, it is our daily dose of freedom! You would never know upon the hill you can go and complete your weekly shop. Living in a very built-up area, which they are continuallybuilding on what little green space we have left, it really is the most amazing area for dog walks and other activities. 

Through the lockdowns and the whole pandemic, it has become more and more clear that green spaces should be saved for future generations as it has become so vital to be able to escape, exercise and clear your head. You can walk, bike and even ride horses down theFreshney Valley. 

Unfortunately, it is all at risk due to an application to try to put a 50mph through the middle, which then opens the door to a housing development of 3500 homes. There is a brilliant group on Facebook (Save the Freshney Valley – Say no to Grimsby West) fighting to save the area and wildlife, so far, the road has been declined. So, we hope this continues in 2022 and beyond! 

Visit Ralph & Lyra's Instagram page @_coupleofcockers for more incredible photos of their adventures!