How to decorate your dog’s area this Christmas

One of our favourite things to do at Christmas is decorating the house, of course, we all love it! From putting up the tree and hanging the baubles, to getting the fairy lights up outside, once the house the decorations are up, we can’t help but feel festive. Your dog also has their own little house which we definitely shouldn’t leave out, this may be their crate or their bed area. We’ve put together a range of fun and safe ideas to get your dog’s area feeling festive too!

Crate coverings

You can find all sorts of crate covers online, why not get a red or Christmas themed fabric to create a festive cover this year! Making a cosy den for your dog can be both calming and a safe space for when the Christmas excitement and visitors get a little too much.

Their crate interior and bedding

We all love a cosy blanket on the couch by the fire while watching a Christmas movie, and our dog’s love this easy home comfort too! Buy your dog red or white blankets, cushions and bedding to create the comfiest, cosiest hideaway for December and the festive period. You could even go all out with a full Christmas theme by finding different patterned items! Their humble abode will feel brand new!

Treats and presents

Hang their stocking up on the exterior of their crate and fill with a treat each day, why not order today and receive a free gift of Anco Turkey Trainers with your next box.

You can also find a whole range of Christmas themed dog toys like brussel

sprouts, Christmas puddings, reindeer and Santa’s! Why not give them a new toy to play with each week up until Christmas.

Personalised bowls

Buying (or even making your own!) personalised dog bowl with their initials or name and a festive can be something a bit special to switch to when December comes around. There are many companies online who are specialists in personalised pet bowls, but it may be a fun activity to paint your own with pet-safe paint!

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