The difference between Working and Premium Dog Food

If you've been looking at our cold pressed dog food, you'll notice that we have two different types of food, Premium Cold Pressed and Working Dog Cold Pressed. Take a look below to find out the difference below...

What is cold pressed?

Cold pressed food is different to traditional kibble because we gently press our ingredients at low temperatures to retain nutrients, helping aid digestion and promote all round health.

Our recipes use only quality ingredients to help improve your dog's skin, coat and immune system.

Premium Cold Pressed

Our premium cold pressed food is available in 6 different flavours, Clear Water Salmon, Grass Fed Lamb, Succulent Chicken, Highland Venison & Trout, Wild White Fish and Farmhouse Turkey & Duck.

We use only quality ingredients in all our recipes and our food is a complete nutritional meal which can be fed alone or with wet/raw frozen food. 

We have two sizes of Premium food, 2kg or 10kg which come in recyclable and biodegradable boxes or as refill bags.

We recommend our Premium range for pet dogs who have less than 2 hours exercise per day.

Working Dog Cold Pressed

Our Working Dog Cold Pressed comes in 3 different flavours, Chicken, Beef or Pork which also is made with quality ingredients.

The main difference is that this range is designed specifically with the working dog in mind. It contains higher protein content for extra energy and includes all the vitamins and minerals any active dog needs to maintain health and vitality. We have also introduced glucosamine and chondroitin to help protect active dogs' joints.

As it is designed for working dogs, this range is VAT free and it comes in bigger 15kg recyclable paper bags.

We recommend our Working Dog range for active and working dogs who have more than 2 hours exercise per day.