Travelling With Your Dog? Here’s How To Keep It Stress Free

Setting off on a big adventure with your dog is an exciting way to share new

a dog looking out of the car window

experiences together. But sometimes it can be fraught with stress, especially as you try to maintain your four-legged friend’s healthy diet while away from home. 

Whether you’re dashing off on a day out, caravaning in Cornwall, or hiking in the Highlands, here’s our top tips for feeding your dog while travelling, ensuring a smooth trip for both you, and your dog.

Avoid Feeding Them In The Car

While on a long car trip, it can be tempting to feed your dog in the car, especially if they’re wagging their tail and scratching at your car seat. But it’s best to wait and plan regular pitstops for mealtimes. Feeding them while moving can lead to motion sickness, as your dog struggles to digest the food. 

Check your route before you set off and plan out frequent stopping points at service stations and lay-bys. Organise these stops around your dog’s regular feeding schedule as closely as you can. It’s also worth feeding your dog light servings during your pit stops, as heavy meals could also lead to motion sickness, as well as some some urgent toilet breaks later on.

Ensure Your Dog Gets Frequent Exercise 

During your stops, be sure to take your dog for a short walk away from the car. As well as giving them a chance to stretch their legs (and your legs), it’ll help fire up their metabolism, and make digestion of meals easier. This is another way to help them avoid motion sickness while you’re on the road. 

A brief walk or jog will also give them the chance to relieve themselves in a more appropriate location than the backseat of your car. You certainly don’t want to spend the rest of your journey accompanied by a very unwelcome smell emanating from the rear seats!

Stock Up On Cold Pressed Food

Wilsons turkey and duck cold pressed dog food

If you feed your dog raw frozen food at home, it can be hard to maintain their diet when you’re away from a freezer. So if you’re going camping or staying in a caravan, you might not have the option of bringing your dog’s regular food with you. 

Our cold pressed options are a perfect alternative. Made from the same high quality meat and fish as our raw frozen food, cold pressed doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge or freezer, meaning you can replicate your dog’s diet as closely as possible while travelling. By using similar ingredients, your dog won't be put off by unfamiliar food, and they’ll avoid any unpleasant stomach upsets.

Unlike traditional kibble, cold pressed dog food is gently pressed at much lower temperatures to preserve its nutrients, and in turn this means it breaks down at the same rate as raw making it the perfect alternative! 

Keep Them Hydrated With Plenty Of Water 

Hydration is key to healthy digestion. Ensure you pack a portable drinking bowl and water for your trip. During your rest breaks while on the road, put some water down for your dog alongside their food. Just like you, dogs need something to wash it down. 

Make sure they drink plenty before you decide to set off again, especially if it’s a searingly hot day. Heat stroke is another concern, and sufficient hydration will help keep it at bay. It’s also a good idea to give them a chance to pee if they’ve been drinking a lot, as dogs can’t ask you to pull over if they need to go!

Bon Voyage!

While you might think travelling with your dog could be as stressful as travelling with a needy toddler, it really doesn’t need to be. Following these simple tips can ensure you have a smooth, and mess-free journey with your furry friend.