Your first month with your new puppy - Handling

In our puppy series, we give you week-by-week tips on how to help your puppy settle into their new home with tips from dog trainer Rosie from Paw Skills Dog Training

Week 4 - Introducing handling

Handle your dog in multiple ways including with a towel to prepare them for the future

Dogs need maintenance over their lives; they need their teeth cleaned, their ears checked, nails cut etc.

For a lot of dogs they also need to visit a groomer for a coat cut. Some dogs may even need to visit the vet and will need to feel comfortable being handled.

Use handling as a training exercise:

- offer out a touch to your dog and reward them for it

- let them used to wearing a collar, a harness and having their paws touched.

- practice with a towel too as you don’t want your house covered in muddy paws!