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Christmas Dinner FAQs

Orders will need to be made by 17th December to guarantee delivery by Christmas 2023

Yes! You can order them, however you need to have added a full size pack of raw in order to add these in. This is due to the fact that 2 raw trays alone would defrost in transit.

You need to make sure you have added a full sized pack of Raw Frozen in order to add on our 2x Pack of Christmas Dinner.

Unfortunately we cannot send out 2 trays on their own due to the fact that they would defrost in transit

You can order any time up until 17th December to guarantee delivery before Christmas, however our Christmas Dinner range is in a limited quantity and is available on a first come first served basis.

Yes. If you’d like to order our Christmas Dinner meals, you can of course do this. You can either place a one-off order on your account to or you can log into your subscription to add a one-off addition of Christmas Dinner.

If you're adding onto a future order, please be aware that our food is in limited availability so if we have sold out by the time your order is generated we may not be able to send it.

Adding the item to a future order does not reserve the product, we recommend either placing a one-off order or pulling your order to be generated earlier.