Wilsons to the Rescues

We've been caring for your pets since 1861, and now we have launched with our  campaign we are able to continue to help feed dogs in rescue centres throughout the UK. 
Since launching in 2019, we've donated over 1,000kg of dog food to rescue centres including The Birmingham Dogs Home, The Grehound Trust Hall Green and The Perthshire Gundog Resuce SCIO.

In Autumn 2020 we supported...
Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary is a rescue centre for providing refuge for dogs in the North Welsh countryside. Set up by Anne de Berry in 2002 as a passion project, they became a fully fledged registered not-for-profit organisation in 2010.
Nearly 10 years on and the Sanctuary is going strong thanks only to the kindness, support and generosity of the public and Anne says they wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the countless kind-hearted people we've encountered along the way.
As part of Wilsons to the Rescues, we will be donating 2.5% off the volume of food sold from September to December and helping to spread the word of the fantastic work they do.
Find out more about the Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary at www.snowdoniaanimalsanctuary.co.uk.
Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary Dogs