4 top tips for stress-free feeding on holiday

Feeding your dog on holiday

The Summer is officially here, and if you’re anything like us you’ll already be counting down the days until you can finally relax on holiday with your dogs.

So whether you’re a raw feeder or prefer feeding dry food, we have 4 top tips for making feeding your dogs as simple as possible while travelling.

1. Measure out your food

It’s always much quicker to pop the entire bag or box of dog food into your car, but if you’re tight on space and are only planning a short trip, it could save you space if you measure out your food and popping it into a container. 

Don’t forget to add a little extra to make sure you also have some cold pressed left for your treat bag!

2. Check out the local high street

If your trip is a little longer, or you’re a raw feeder and don’t want to pack your raw and risk it defrosting on the journey, why not spend a little bit of time before your trip scouting the local area for the nearest pet shops.

Take a look at our stockist map to find the closest pet shops near you who stock your dogs favourite Wilsons Pet Food.

3. Double check the facilities before your trip

If you’re a raw feeder who is staying in a house or lodge, it’s always best to double check your destination has a freezer and that it’s big enough to store your raw food!

There’s nothing worse than turning up to a villa with a cool box full of raw food and nowhere to store it!

4. Think of alternatives

Raw feeding is great for our dogs, but sometimes can be quite inconvenient for us owners, especially when travelling and going on holiday. If you’re planning a camping trip or won’t have access to a freezer, it might be time to look for an alternative.

If you haven’t tried our cold pressed dog food before, it’s the perfect dry alternative to raw feeding! 

Instead of using high heat and extrusion techniques like traditional kibble, cold pressed is gently pressed using much lower temperatures, helping to retain nutrients and ensuring your dog receives all the goodness from our quality ingredients. 

If your dog is new to cold pressed, why not order our sample pack today so your dog has a chance to try it beforehand - it can also help you decide which flavour they like the most!