BBQ safety for dogs: top tips for owners

As Summer is well and truly in full swing, barbecues with family and friends will become a much more regular occurrence once again. However, there are a number of potential dangers for your dog at such events. We have put together some top tips to help your dog stay safe at your next BBQ… 

Safety first!

Make sure your garden is secure and gates are always kept closed when new guests are arriving. With friends & family around, your dog may not be first priority but ensuring all fences are secure before the event can ensure everyone enjoys themselves!

Keep your dog away from the BBQ even if it is switched off – it can stay extremely hot for several hours. As well as the barbecue itself, hot food, coals & ashes can cause serious burns to your dog. Always ensure they are never left alone outdoors even after you have finished cooking.

Ensure your dog has access to shade & water at all times, temperatures which may feel fine to us can be dangerous to dogs. Read more on our hot weather tips and keeping your dog cool this summer.

Keep your BBQ tidy 

You need to be very careful what you feed your dog, the leftovers and rubbish from a barbecue are extremely tempting for dogs. They can sniff out the smells from surprising and unusual places which you may not think to clean up.

Always ensure all rubbish and leftovers are disposed of safely in a lidded bin that your dog can’t get to.

BBQ food is not for dogs

Don’t give in to those puppy dog eyes, the high fat content of foods such as burgers, sausages & chicken legs means they are not always suitable for dogs. BBQ staples such as cooked bone & corn on the cob can also be dangerous to your dog’s health so it is best to avoid these & give them something specifically designed for them to enjoy! Try to ensure your dog is occupied so you can enjoy your food in peace too!

Dog with cold pressed food

Treat them too!

Always ensure your dog is enjoying themselves too, don't leave them out on all the fun! Have their favourite toy or treat ready or feed their meal in a Kong, Lickimat or Toppl enrichment toy to keep them occupied for a while. Cold pressed is also fantastic on a snuffle mat or scattered across the grass in the garden!