Christmas Traditions with our Dogs

Christmas is just a few days away and the countdown is well and truly on!

Although it's going to be a different Christmas this year with the Coronavirus tampering with our plans, at least we know we are still able to spend quality time with our dogs.

The Wilsons team and our Ambassadors talk about their favourite Christmas traditions with their dogs...


Amelia @Tails_on_the_Trails and her dogs Freya, Alfie and Millie

"As far as Christmas traditions go we like to keep things pretty simple. Christmas Eve will consist of lots of party foods to snack on whilst getting cosy and watching a good movie! Come Christmas morning we’re up bright an early to enjoy a nice cup of coffee whilst opening presents with the dogs, who are always more excited by the wrapping paper than the presents!
Shortly after we venture out into the cold for a nice long dog walk to make some extra room for Christmas dinner with family! And of course... the dogs will each have some turkey pickings in their bowls - whether that counts as a tradition or not it is a must in our household!

Wilsons Marketing Manager Nicola and her dogs Paddy & Maisie

"Christmas morning, the dogs always seem to know that it's an extra special day and seem to be awake & excited earlier than us! We usually get up and open our stockings all together in bed with the dogs, and obviously they go straight for the treats first.
After breakfast we go for a long dog walk to visit family, where we love chatting to other dog walkers and wishing everyone Merry Christmas. As Coronavirus has affected our usual traditions, this year we're opting for a long walk in the woods instead before coming home and cuddling in front of the fire together, watching Christmas TV and opening presents before dinner - Paddy & Maisie always get passed sneaky bits of turkey meat from the table but this year we've also stocked up on our new Wilsons raw frozen Turkey Dinner which they love"

As told by Max from @thehouseofmax_and_purdey 

Max and Purdey

"When my little bro Purdey arrived, he didn't know what Christmas was. He is now 2 years old and I've taught him well to fit in with the traditions of the day.  The most important one is around our human's dinner time. We always get a pawsome helping of meat with a little bit of potato and vegetable but the meat, oh the meat, it's yummy! So, I told my little bro that whatever happens, contain your excitement, be patient and hold back the drool as the reward on this day is SO, SO, GOOD if you do.   
After such yumminess we then seem to get things given to us from a sock! Now Purdey loves a good sock so this is mega temptation for him, I had to teach him that whatever his instinct says, on this day ignore the sock because what is inside will be WAY better, mostly things to eat, and things to play with, so ignore the sock he does.
He is a good little bro and has learnt tradition well. The only down side is everyone gets so sleepy on this day, they sleep for quite a while and so we have to keep waking them up. I'm not sure why they sleep so but I nudge them with my nose and Purdey gives them a quick but efficient lick in the face.. we have this down to a T and every year we do the same. 
We love Christmas."