Cold Pressed Dog Food for Working Dogs

No matter what type of working dog you have, whether it's agility, gundog or sheepdog, making sure they have a quality diet giving them enough energy to stay active for long periods of time is essential. You may have seen cold pressed dog food but are wondering if it's right for your dogs, we explain below why our Working Dog Cold Pressed is perfect for them.

The first thing you'd probably notice is different about cold pressed is the shape - unlike traditional kibble which is usually round or in specific shapes and colours, cold pressed is more like a pellet.

The reason for this is that instead of using high temperatures to press and hold food into the kibble shape (a process known as extrusion), cold pressed is much more gentle and uses lower temperatures (around 100 degrees less than traditional kibble) to cook and press it's food which is then pushed out of a tube.

Cold pressed dog food isn't just a different shape, each pellet is packed full of more nutrients which would usually be cooked away in high temperatures, ensuring your dog gets all the goodness from the ingredients and means your bag lasts longer as you'll feed around 30% less per bowl.

This process is also great for your dogs' digestion! Unlike traditional kibble which swells and bloats (if you've ever accidentally dropped your dogs food in their water you'll know what we mean!), cold pressed breaks down quickly when digested meaning it is gentle on their stomach and reduces the risk of bloating - great for working dogs who will be busy all day long. 

At Wilsons, we are passionate that every dog deserves the best so we have tailored our recipe specifically with the active dog in mind. Our Working Dog Cold Pressed contains higher protein content for extra energy, it also includes all the vitamins and minerals any active dog needs to maintain health and vitality. Our new recipe also includes added glucosamine and chondroitin to help protect active dogs' joints.

Our entire working dog range is also VAT free and available in 3 delicious single source protein, grain free flavours and 15kg eco-friendly packaging.

As well as our Working Dog Cold Pressed food, we also have a variety of VAT free Raw Frozen in both complete and core 80|10|10 ranges.

Wilsons Pet Food have been running in Scotland since 1861 where we began producing animal feed for local farmers and in the 1950's became well-known for supplying quality working dog food. As the company has developed over the years, we believe cold pressed is an incredible process which truly gives dogs the essential nutrients and benefits they deserve, especially for working dogs!

If you're thinking of trying our Working Dog Food, why not order a sample pack for your dogs to try before you buy, and if you're a breeder, get in touch today to find out all about our Breeders Club.