Core Raw Frozen Wins a Prestigious Award

We are thrilled to have won the PATS Telford 2020 New Product of the Year Award for our delicious Core 80/10/10 Raw Frozen Dog Food!

After working hard to reduce our environmental impact and to target no plastic by the end of 2020, we developed our eco-friendly packaging which has already received lots of positive feedback.



It's a real joy to watch him enjoy his food at last and we are looking forward to slowly introducing him to some new flavours. We love that the packaging is biodegradable too as an extra bonus!

- Michelle, Facebook

Our grain-free Raw Frozen food is made using single-source protein and produced in Scotland using locally sourced ingredients.

Raw Frozen food has great benefits including helping to improve your dog's fur, skin, digestion and all-round general health.

It's also a great accompaniment to our Cold Pressed Dog Food as they both break down at the same rate, which means no upset tummies, making it the perfect alternative when travelling or for added crunch.

Find out more about our food here:

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An 80/10/10 mix, perfect for the DIY raw feeder

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Nutritionally complete Raw Frozen for a well-rounded meal