Dog-friendly walks to enjoy: Dougal explores Kilpatrick Hills & Loch Humphrey in Dumbarton, Scotland

With #NationalWalkingMonth at an end, we don't want you to stopexploring the outdoors either away from home or in your local area! Our final piece of walkspiration is from Dougal & Laura who have given details of one of their favourite dog-friendly local walks in the Kilpatrick Hills, Scotland... 

Name: Our favourite walk is the route out to Loch Humphrey from Overtoun House in Dumbarton.

Location: Kilpatrick Hills/Loch Humphrey

Why is this your favourite walk? We love walking here because the views are amazing, it doesn’t take long to get there,

and you can walk for as little or as much as you like.

What is available on the route? It’s popular to walk to Loch Humphrey from Old Kilpatrick instead, but it’s a very steep uphill on a gravel path, can be much busier, and I just don’t think it’s as much fun! We often walk out to Loch Humphrey from Overtoun House and return the same way, but another option if you live locally, is to keep walking out to Old Kilpatrick and get the train home.

To walk to Loch Humphrey and back our recommended route, it’s about 10km.

Uphill at the start, levelling out when you join the stone path about 3km in. There’s some hidden bits of running water to clean off dirty paws on the way back, and picnic benches near the car park.

Facilities: You can park at Overtoun House, G82 2SH, which is not far from the A82, and follow the path upward. Overtoun Estate has loads of lower paths to walk around, but the higher up towards the Kilpatrick hills you go, the quieter it is!