Dog-friendly walks to enjoy: The @tails_on_the_trails pack explore Snowdonia

Dog walking at Snowdonia

It's Blue Monday... but we don't want this day to be known for what it usually is (the most depressing day of the year!), we want to help you up and out of the house with your canine friends. Amelia and the pack - Millie, Alfie, Freya & Finn have given us details of their favourite walking area, Snowdonia, Wales. As it is also National Waking month, we're hoping to give you that walkspiration you need to have a positive day...

My personal favourite walking area will always be Snowdonia!

What is available on the route? Snowdon in particular (or Yr Wyddfa as thelocals might say) has to be one of the top 3, and that's mostly down to the diversity of the routes you can take up there from varying levels of difficulty. Obviously you will always reach the same height at the end but each route will have it's own set of challenges - one that's suitable for every ability.

Why is this your favourite local walk? My favourite route would have to be the "Snowdon Horseshoe" which includes Crib Goch and Ylliwedd (but the dog friendly version would be the Pyg Track and Ylliwedd) they are probably 3 of the queiter routes we have done in my experience and everyone always seems happy to bump into a dog (or 4) on their hike so it's always nice for the dogs to get some positive experience whilst navigating the mountain!

But the best thing about Snowdon has to be the views! After a tough climb there is nothing more rewarding than the views you get on your way up and once you're at the top.

Facilities: There is also a café right at the summit as well as at the start of the hike from the Pen-Y-Pass car park so after all the hard effort it's nice to grab a well earned coffee and a cake!

Happy Hiking! Follow more of the pack's outdoor UK adventures over at their Instagram account @tails_on_the_trails!