Easy Steps for Updating your Subscription

Dog food subscriptions

Our dog food subscriptions are the best way of getting your dog food delivered with no fuss, exactly when you need it!

If you've got a subscription, or are looking at starting one, take a look at our easy steps for updating your order, adding one-off treats or making changes. 

Editing your subscription

To make any edits to your subscription, all you'll need to do is log into our Subscription Portal. 

To do this, you need to log into your Wilsons Pet Food account, and then click "manage subscriptions".

You can make edits at any point up until the day before your next subscription order is due to be generated.

Subscription Portal

Changing flavours

If your dog loves a bit of variety in their life, we know you'll be looking to swap flavours regularly. 

You can update the flavour or product in your next order by clicking on "Manage this subscription" under your product in the Subscription Portal. 

Manage Subscription

Once you've clicked through, you will find a button at the bottom which says "Swap this for a different product".

Update flavours

Then you simply need to select the product you wish to swap it with by using our text box.

Swapping flavours

Postponing or bringing forward your order

Whether you've got too much food or not enough, or you need to work your order around a holiday, you can update your next order date easily. 

In your Subscription Portal, you will find details of your next order date. Here you can choose to generate your order now, reschedule or to skip. 

By clicking "Send now" your order will be generated immediately and sent out with our usual delivery times (perfect for when you need food quicker).

"Reschedule" allows you to allocate an exact date in the future for your order to be generated (perfect for working around holidays).

"Skip" means your subscription will skip the next order and be sent out on the next date on your schedule (perfect for when you have plenty of food).

Change dates of Subscription

Adding one off additions

If you're looking to add on extra treats for your pup, or if you're looking to increase the amount of food you require in your next shipment, you can easily add extra items to your order. 

Simply go down to the bottom of your Subscription Portal to find the "You may also like" section, if you see the item you require here you can add it, or you can click "Browse Products" to look through all the options

Additions to your order

Changing your address

If you're moving house, or looking to get your order delivered to the office or a friend's house, you can update your address directly in the portal.

NOTE: You will need to update in the subscription portal as well as in your Wilsons account, if you have updated in your Wilsons account only, it will not automatically update your subscription delivery address. 
This will also update your address going forward, so please remember to go back in to update afterwards if the edit is for a one-off delivery.

You'll find "Edit address" in the portal, this link gives you the ability to then update the address for your subscription. 

Edit address

Cancelling your order

If you've decided to cancel your order, you can do this at any point until at least the day before your next order has been generated. 

Simply find the "Manage this subscription" link and here, simply scroll down to find the "Cancel subscription" link. 

Edit address

NOTE: This cannot be reversed, however if you change your mind you can easily recreate and start a new subscription at any point. 

Please don't forget we are here to help! If you've had any issues with your subscription or with your food and are considering cancelling your subscription with us, please do get in touch with us at info@wilsonspetfood.co.uk.

Top tips

Don't forget, you can make edits at any point up until the day before your next subscription order is due to be generated.

If you have any queries, you can also contact us via our Helpdesk live chat or by emailing us at info@wilsonspetfood.co.uk.