Raw feeding alternatives for travelling

Campervans, camping, travelling and raw feeding - a raw feeders nightmare?

We know when feeding raw it takes a lot of planning when going away on holiday but Wilsons ambassador Claire @thescottishwanderers gives her tips on how to make feeding while travelling stress-free...

The word holiday may strike fear into many of us raw feeders' hearts, having raw fed Bailey since he was 8 weeks old, the thought never really crossed my mind of what would we feed him if we went on holiday, with being stuck in a global pandemic the chances of any form of holiday were slim to none!

As things have begun to open back up and eased, we have been able to book our all excited little holiday, to the beautiful Highlands and Islands of Scotland!

While making my lists for Bailey, it suddenly occurred to me, we were going in a camper van and we raw feed him, what on earth are we going to feed him, we won’t have a freezer?!

As raw feeders, many of us are proud of our dogs poops stay small, firm and they rarely smell. Their coats are shiny and glossy, no upset tummy's and, for us, no anal gland issues - going away for a week, I began to worry as I didn’t want to feed my poor pup something that would upset his tummy!

Luckily for me Wilsons Pet Food have cold pressed option! Cold pressed dog food is a process where the ingredients are gently pressed at low temperatures to retain nutrients, helping aid digestion and promote all round health. Wilsons' recipes use only quality ingredients to help improve your dog's skin, coat and immune system.

I ordered a sample pack of their premium range, this allows you to try each of the flavours in a small 100g bag, perfect for preparing to go away! Not only do they have large 10kg boxes, but you can also opt for a 2kg box, small and perfect for storing in the car or caravan.

The taste test

After a long day of travelling up to Harris, we found a place to wild camp and settle down for the night!

Staying at the beautiful Luskentrye beach meant one thing; an early breakfast trip to the beach! Bailey sat patiently waiting on his breakfast, I of course had the fear, my first thought was it he won’t eat it he’ll starve. The minute I put the bowl down he scoffed the whole lot and with his cheeky little face looked up as if to say "where’s the rest?".

As our week went on he continued to scoff every meal and I can honestly report his poops were excellent, they remained firm, small and non-stinky with no upset tummy here!

Once home we switched him back to his normal raw with no issues at all and we now have a wee stock of cold pressed incase we ever forget to put our raw order in or decide last minute!

It’s the perfect alternative for us and I couldn’t recommend it more!

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