Hand Feeding Raw Dog Food - Tips and Tricks

If you're a raw feeder and you're interested in hand feeding, our influencer Jess has given us an insight into how she hand feeds Fox, @foxtheshepsky, to reward her during during training. 

Hands up who hand feeds their dog? Did you know you can still do this if you feed raw?

Hand feeding your dog increases engagement, builds trust, slows down eatingWilsons raw frozen dog foodand helps with motivation in training. If you’re feeding your dog Wilsons meals, why ruin their nutrition with poorly manufactured treats by cheap brands when you could use the goodness of their Wilsons raw to reward them instead!

If you currently feed your dog from a bowl, you might be thinking that hand feeding raw sounds a bit messy and gross…and you’d be right, if you don’t follow the below tips and tricks! We have been hand feeding Wilsons for months now and we’ve cracked the best way to do it.

  • Split your dogs daily food allowance into training sized portions.
  • Use a silicone pouch to take the portions with you for training/walks/recall etc
  • Invest in a silicone glove to save on disposable waste.
  • If you need to add supplements or medication just add it all to the pouch and mix!
  • Once you’re done training you can pop the pouch and glove in the dishwasher for easy clean up. (please check the products you are using are dishwasher safe)
Hand feeding raw dog food pouch

It’s really that easy!

Most of us feed our dogs raw for the health benefits, so feeding this way ensures we aren’t upsetting our dogs stomach with unnecessary ingredients and it’s also a great way to manage your dogs weight if you’re worried about overfeeding during training. Give it a try!

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