How to make your dog's Christmas extra special

While you're making plans for Christmas this year, make sure your dog doesn't miss out by planning a few extra special moments for them...

It's been a difficult few years for everyone, and we're all hoping that this Christmas period will be a time we can relax and enjoy time with our family and friends, as well as time with our faithful dogs. 

If you follow us on social media, you'll see our Christmas Countdown is slightly different this year as we've been dedicating each day to a different way to help make this festive period extra special for your dogs. Here are some great ways you can do this:

Anco Dog Treats

Buy your dog a special gift

We know we're not the only ones who love to treat our dogs, especially at this time of the year, so make sure you visit your local pet shop or place your order online with plenty of time before the Christmas holidays.

Whether you're thinking of getting your dog some delicious Christmas treats or new accessories, we've partnered with some fantastic brands to bring you some great discounts:

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Frosty Morning Walk

Get up early for an extra long, frosty morning walk 

As we get further into winter, and the mornings become darker and colder, it's harder to pull yourself out of bed and inevitably walks become shorter. 

Why not plan just one day a week (preferably a non-work day!) where you set your alarm a little earlier and treat your dog to a longer, frosty walk.

Your dog will absolutely love the change of routine and having longer to be outside sniffing and having adventures. You'll feel more energised without the worry of rushing your mornings and having spent quality time with your favourite companion. 

Make sure you tag us @wilsonspetfood - we love seeing our customer's and their adventures! 


Turkey Cold Pressed and Cranberry Biscuits

Make Christmas dog biscuits

With Christmas fast approaching, and with most of the focus on us humans... we think it's a great time to bake your dog a homemade (with love!) festive treat.

We've added some festive cranberries to our recipe, which promote bladder and urinary health, as well as reducing tartar and plaque build-up in your dog's teeth. Our Farmhouse Turkey & Duck cold pressed lends itself perfectly to Christmas time

Take a look at our recipe here > 


Decorate your dog's area

One of our favourite things to do at Christmas is decorating the house, of course, we all love it! From putting up the tree and hanging the baubles, to getting the fairy lights up outside, once the house the decorations are up, we can’t help but feel festive.

Your dog also has their own little house which we definitely shouldn’t leave out, this may be their crate or their bed area. We’ve put together a range of fun and safe ideas to get your dog’s area feeling festive too!

Read our ideas here >


Turkey Dinner Raw Pic

Order your dog a special Christmas dinner

The heart of every Christmas day is the dinner, so why not make your dog's meal just as special? With a long build up, planning a delicious Christmas day dinner takes a lot of prep and time to pull together, but luckily your dog's meal doesn't need to be as difficult to plan. 

Our delicious Turkey Dinner British Raw Frozen Dog Food is grain free and contains a 70/10/10/10 mix of meat, bones, offal and vegetables including delicious carrot, broccoli, spinach and kale.

Our Farmhouse Turkey & Duck Cold Pressed dog food a complete grain free premium British dry dog food and is gently pressed with apple, ginger and cranberry in our Scottish factories. 

Our delicious Turkey Core Raw Frozen Dog Food is grain free and contains an 80/10/10 mix of meat, bones and offal, perfect for someone who wants to add their own vegetables and nutrients, especially if you've got something extra special planned to add for your dog for Christmas.

Don't forget to order by 20th December 2021 to ensure your food arrives in time for Christmas.

Read more about our festive meals >


What special moments do you plan for you and your dogs around Christmas time? We love hearing your ideas so tag us @wilsonspetfood