Izzy & Freddie explore Marbury Park and Anderton boat lift in Cheshire

With #NationalWalkYourDogMonth at an end, we don't want you to stop exploring the outdoors either away from home or in your local area! Our final piece of walkspiration is from Izzy, Freddie & Danielle their owner who have given details of one of their favourite dog-friendly local walks...  

Izzy and Freddie love exploring. From Snowdon peaks to Pembrokeshire beaches, we have explored many different environments!

We are very lucky to live very close to a few lovely walks which we can spend hours roaming! One of our local car parks allows us to explore Marbury Park and Anderton boat lift in Cheshire. We call this walk ‘the flashes’ as there are two very large bodies of shallow water which harbour a wide variety of unusual bird species, not very often found in your rural locations.

This has to be our favourite place to walk by far. Not only do we visit every single day, but we see lots of people who we regularly meet. This helps with Izzy’s anxious tendencies as they know to give her space and after a few meets, she does warm up to everyone! The walks normally consist of meeting about 20 other dogs as we work our way round, but we have also been in contact with horses, stoats, squirrels, kestrels and a very rare Siberian stonechat. I like to think this is the best place for the dogs to socialize, get used to all sorts of different sounds, smells and let off some steam!

The flashes provide a nice variety of vegetation and smells for the dogs to investigate. We normally spend about 1 and a half hours per day having a stroll through woodland and open grassland, as well as a lovely freshwater river to have a drink from. 

I don't like to take our local walk for granted, so I had to choose this wonderful location and appreciate the incredible variety that we are lucky to have on our doorstep.

Check out Izzy & Freddie's adventures over on their Instagram page @izzyfreddie!