Make your walks more interesting with cold pressed dog food

Wilsons Premium Cold Pressed is a great option for training treats and for takingdog jumping for cold pressed dog foodout on walks. As cold pressed is minimally processed, and we have designed it for the best nutrition and digestion, it is quick for dogs to digest when out and about. Shop our range of cold pressed dog food.

In comparison to traditional kibble or some highly processed treats, cold pressed is much softer while maintaining its crunch which helps aid digestion and reduces the risk of bloating because it breaks down quickly. This is perfect if your dog is highly active on walks, or you are using cold pressed when doing activities such as agility. 

The pellets are a fantastic size for both training and taking on walks and can also be easily broken into more manageable treats depending on your dog's size to give small rewards. Read more about the variety of ways you can feed cold pressed dog food.