Raw feeding on holiday

If you're a raw feeder who's planning a trip this Summer, you're probably wondering what to feed your dog while you're away. Take a look at our tips below...

Taking raw frozen on holiday

If you're staying in a lodge or cottage with your dog, there may well be a fridge/freezer available. 

It's always best to call ahead or double check the listing details before you arrive to make sure there is space for your dog's food. 

Our food can be easily resealed to pop back into the fridge and lasts for up to 4 days.

Buy raw frozen on holiday

If it's not convenient to take raw with you while you travel, the other option is to search for the closest pet stores to your accommodation. 

Take a look at our stockist map to find the closest Wilsons stockist, and you could even call ahead to place your order/check their stock levels. 

Use a dry alternative

If the above options don't work for you, or if you're staying somewhere that doesn't have access to a fridge/freezer such as camping, we have another solution for you.

Our Cold Pressed isn't like other dry food on the market. Unlike traditional kibble, Cold Pressed is gently pressed at much lower temperatures to preserve it's nutrients, and in turn this means it breaks down at the same rate as raw making it the perfect alternative!

Wilsons have two ranges of cold pressed dog food; Premium in 6 different flavours with 2kg and 10kg sizes, and Working Dog in 3 different flavours and 15kg sizes.

Don't forget!

Unless you know they are provided, make sure you pack your dog's food and water bowls.