Your first month with your new puppy - Socialisation

In our puppy series, we give you week-by-week tips on how to help your puppy settle into their new home with tips from dog trainer Rosie from Paw Skills Dog Training

Week 2 - Socialising your new puppy

Socialising with other dogs of different ages, sizes and breeds

When a puppy becomes uncertain, stressed or scared they look to those they trust for comfort – cue us!

Now we have spent time building up a bond with our puppy they will begin to look to us for reassurance and trust us to keep them safe. This helps a lot when introducing your pup to new experiences.

Keeping track of your puppy’s socialisation will help you identify areas you need to work on, visit and make sure you raise a well-rounded pup.

Look up local groups or puppy sessions to help your puppy socialise with other dogs and puppies. These are offered as part of training classes and can even be sessions offered by vets.

Rosie has created a list of items that are useful for your dog to be socialised with, and gives you a chance to take note of how they react in different situations. Download the checklist here >