Best Dog Treats for Walks

Cold pressed for dog walks

Looking for the perfect, healthy treat to keep your dog interested on walks? Our cold pressed dog food is the perfect choice.

Walks are one of the best part of our dog's day. It gives them the chance to burn off energy, interact with other people and dogs, and stimulates their brain. There are plenty of smells to be found and bushes to be investigated, but it's always important to make sure that you can get your dog's attention when you need to. If you've got a food-obsessed dog, this is where treats can play a big part.

Here at Wilsons Pet Food, we're proud to produce a range of delicious dry and raw frozen dog food. Not only is our cold pressed a delicious and complete meal, but it's also the perfect size to pop into your treat bag and will get your dog's attention when you need it most. 

In comparison to traditional kibble or some highly processed treats, cold pressed dog food is gently pressed using much lower temperatures than traditional kibble, making it minimally processed and aids digestion - perfect if your dog is highly active on walks or you are using cold pressed when doing activities such as agility. 

It doesn't matter whether you're training your new puppy on their recall and focus, or if your dog responds well to food when you're praising their good behaviour, our cold pressed is great to treat and is healthy. Our range of cold pressed dog food is also suitable for puppies! Take a look at our high protein puppy food products here.

To ensure you're not overfeeding your dog, a great tip is to weigh out their food in the morning, and portion out some for your treat bag. 

If you also need something a bit extra special on your walk to mix it up and keep your dog guessing, why not order a bag of our new treats! By cutting them up and adding to your treat bag, your dog will be excited to find out which treat they'll be getting next.