Training Tips Week 1: Introduction to the trick 'pray' & how to teach 'sit' with Paw Skills Dog Training

Our new four-part series with Rosie from Paw Skills Dog Training sees her show you exactly how to train your dog to perform the trick 'pray' in four simple steps. 

The first thing you need your dog to learn is a 'sit', this is because they need this centre of gravity to balance so that they can bring both paws up into the 'pray' position. 

Rosie uses Wilsons Premium Cold Pressed as training treats as her dogs are fed this daily as a complete diet and absolutely love it. The pellets are a fantastic size for both training and taking on walks, and can also be easily broken into more manageable treats depending on your dog's size. Shop our range of cold pressed dog food.  

In the below video Rosie gives her top tips in implementing the first step of this command: