Wellness with Wilsons

Wilsons ambassador Fox, @foxtheshepsky, has seen the benefits of our Premium raw frozen dog food over the past few months. On a previous kibble, her general coat health, scratching and frequent rashes led owner Jess to our complete raw range, sharing her experience in her most recent blog...

When we first got Fox we started feeding her on kibble recommended by the breeder...after doing our own research we soon discovered that it was one of the worst brand we could’ve been feeding her and our hunt began for a better quality food.

After trying a few different brands we realised that Fox was itching constantly. Not just the odd scratch here and there, but full blown episodes. Then came the rashes. Her poor little puppy tummy was riddled with sore red spots and we knew that her food was causing the issue.

We finally found a single protein kibble that seemed to ease her allergies, however her coat was not in the best condition and her poops were far from ideal. Our research journey continued and we finally took the plunge and decided to try raw!

At first we used an 80/10/10 mince where we had to add fruit, veg and supplements to ensure it was nutritionally complete. Her tummy rash cleared upFox with Wilsons complete raw frozen dog foodand her poops were smaller and firmer, but within a couple of weeks her coat was extremely dry and brittle - oh no!

The search for a complete raw ensued and I came across Wilsons' range of puppy food. Well, I wish I’d found them sooner. I loved the amount of helpful info on the website, the choice of flavours and the fact that each one is single protein which is perfect for dogs with allergies. The premium range fitted the bill being complete, so we knew we wouldn’t need to worry if Fox was getting all the nutrients she needed. It's an absolute bonus that the packaging is biodegradable, as one of the down sides of raw can be the packaging waste.

I ordered a trial pack of mixed flavours and have never looked back! Fox's coat improved within a week of feeding Wilsons. From dry, coarse and brittle to soft and plush - we get comments about just how soft her coat is whenever someone touches her! Her energy levels improved, any remaining itching stopped and her poops are the perfect consistency (who knew dog ownership would mean so much talk about poop?!).

Wilsons have really nailed it with their recipes and flavour offerings, we won't settle for anything else now!

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