What does Haggis mean to us Scottish folk?

Haggis isn't the wee animal indigenous to the Scottish highlands that you may have first thought. We definitely wouldn't bet your luck on hunting a haggis in the Scottish hills any time soon. 

In essence, haggis is a traditional Scottish dish that most scots love and will have grown up eating from early childhood. Traditionally made with lamb offal, oatmeal, onion and a variety of spices, the iconic dish may not sound like the most appetising recipe, but what haggis lacks in physical beauty it most definitely makes up for in flavour. Traditionally paired with neeps (mashed turnip) and tatties (mashed potato), the oaty, peppery pudding is now available in gluten free, vegetarian and even vegan varieties. What excuse do you have not to try?

Wilsons has always, proudly been made in Scotland, and what better way to pay homage to our Scottish heritage than a wee Limited Edition Haggis inspired recipe? 

Haggis is most commonly eaten on the scots poet Robert Burns' birthday, due to the immortalisation of the meal in his poem Address To A Haggis. Every year, Burns Night is held not only in Scotland but across the world on the 25th of January, where friends and family meet to have a good blether, eat haggis, drink a wee dram of whisky, get involved in ceilidh dancing and recite the iconic poetry of Robert Burns.  

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