What to Look For When Rescuing a Dog

In honour of our Wilsons to the Rescues month, we've teamed up with Rosie, founder and Head Trainer at Paw Skills Dog Training Academy, to give you the best tips and advice for rescuing a dog. Rosie will be providing you with her expert advice on a number of topics relevant to rescuing a dog including what to look for when rescuing...

A good rescue can make all the difference when going through the journey of rescuing a dog. 

There are many rescues out there that support new partnerships in their transition to living together - there are often aftercare teams that check on how you’re getting on and can help with any training or behavioural issues you may be having. 

Sometimes partnerships don’t work and that’s ok. We can have all the best intentions and try everything but sometimes people and dogs just don’t work - try and see it like people relationships. We don’t get on with everyone, nor are we compatible to live with everyone and as dogs have such complex personalities we can’t always get on with every dog. 

Returning the dog to the rescue varies greatly throughout the rescue system; for overseas based rescues it’s just not feasible for them to travel the dog back over to the rescue but some have UK based hubs and foster homes to help. Remember returning a dog is not a failure! 

Is it the right dog for me? When thinking about the right dog for us we need to think of it like approaching a dating agency! What partner is best for us?! Thinking about your lifestyle for your best match…

little girl with husky dog

• What hours do you work? 

• Do you like early mornings?

• Do you enjoy going for runs?

• Are you an active family?

• Do you go to busy places?

• Do you like to go on holiday a lot?

• Who will be at home during the day?

• How many hours per day can you commit to training? 

• How much time per day can you commit to grooming?

The more open and honest we can be about what we can truly offer a dog the better our partner can be. 

Prepare yourself by looking into different breeds; is there a breed or type of dog e.g. a hound that you are drawn to? Have you experience in breeds before? Join breed groups on social media and see their quirks and traits. 

Something else to consider is could you open your home to a dog who needs extra help? It’s not something people often consider initially but there are many deaf, blind and disabled dogs needing homes and the rescues are able to help support rehomers.