What's our Haggis Dog Food Like?

To celebrate our 160th birthday, we launched our new, limited edition Haggis dog food recipe! 

Our Wilsons ambassadors tell us what they think to the food:

Bailey @bailey.the.scottish.spaniel

"Please mum, can I have some more" the look bailey gave me after he first tried a haggis supper from the new limited edition raw range. Bailey can often be quite a funny wee soul when it comes to new flavours however as soon as I brought the haggis out the fridge, his bum was on the floor, his tail wag and his eyes were gleeming waiting to try his new dinner! It was an absolute success, so much so he carried his wobble bowl back through to me, threw it on the floor and gave a little wood demanding more food!"


Dougal @dougal.out.west

"As with all Wilsons raw, Dougal loves the haggis range. From the minute we opened the box, he could tell it was something new and wanted it right away! It’s been going down a treat at meal times, and it’s always nice to have another flavour to mix things up."


Slinky, Dash & Jessie @wanderlustwoofs & @pawskillsdogtraining

"Wow what an amazing idea! Never have I seen Haggis dog food before. The hounds went WILD for it! I got mobbed at feed time and I’ve never seen them clear their bowls so quickly! Officially the favourite in this household!"


Millie, Alfie, Freya and Finn @tails_on_the_trails

One of the things we love about Wilsons is the wide range of flavours they have to offer. So when they introduced a new Haggis range we HAD to try it! It's been a great addition to meal time - the dogs went crazy for this limited addition flavour! What a fab idea! 


Penny & Freyja @berner.bears

"Freyja was so excited by her new haggis delivery she couldn’t even wait before it was out of the box before she tried to tuck in. She ate her dinner with lightening speed and licked her bowl clean. Freyja certainly gives her paw of approval!"



Ralph @cockeralph

 "Ralph and Lyra are loving the new haggis recipe, bowls (or mats) are licked clean and cold pressed has gone down just as well. Lyra literally jumps for joy when she knows it's Wilsons time!"



Izzy & Freddie @IzzyFreddie

"Izzy and Freddie are loving the Haggis range. It's particularly interesting as Izzy can be really fussy, but every flavour we have tried of Wilson's, she absolutely loves. The Haggis is a bonus flavour and keeps her interested, she has been working extra hard to impress me just to get a little taste!!

Freddie on the other hand is a dustbin and will eat anything, except his current antibiotic tablet.. I've tried everything to disguise the taste, soft cheese, ham, even his raw salmon didn't cut it. Enter raw Haggis. He wolfed it down, tablet and all! Thank you Wilson's ❤️"

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