Why choose Cold Pressed over Kibble?

If you're a dog owner, you'll have at least heard of, if not fed dry kibble dog food. However, as people become more aware of what they're feeding their pets, owners are beginning to research more natural alternatives. 

Find out why cold pressed is a great dry option...

If you've not heard of cold pressed dog food before, it's a dry, minimally processed alternative to traditional dry kibble dog food. 

Apart from its appearance (looking more like pellets compared to hard shapes), the biggest difference between the two is the way it's processed. 

Cold pressed is what it says in the name - it's where the ingredients are gently pressed as low temperatures, compared to kibble which uses much higher temperatures (around 100 degrees higher) and is pressed tightly. 

One of the benefits of cold pressed is that as it's gently pressed, it's much quicker for the dog to digest in its stomach - if you've ever dropped kibble into water you'll notice it swells and bloats, however cold pressed breaks down very quickly. You can even add a few tablespoons of warm water to cold pressed to turn it into a paste - perfect for adding to kongs, lickimats or to make a little gravy.

The benefit of using lower temperatures is that the nutrients from our ingredients aren't cooked away - think of cooking your veg on a high temperature for a long period of time, all its goodness is lost in the process. This means your dog receives all the essential nutrients from our quality ingredients. 

Wilsons Pet Food produces two ranges of complete cold pressed; Premium Cold Pressed Dog Food for pet dogs and Working Dog Cold Pressed Food for active and working dogs. 

If you're considering the switch, why not look at ordering a sample of cold pressed for your dog to try before you buy!