Wilsons Cold Pressed for Puppies

It's important to feed your puppies on a perfectly balanced, nutritional diet to ensure they receive essential nutrients during these important months.

Wilsons Pet Food's Premium Cold Pressed is perfect for puppies as it's designed to promote good intestinal health with natural antioxidants and supports strong, healthy bones, eyes, skin and coat.   

Our Cold Pressed food is hugely beneficial for dogs because it is pressed at a low temperature of around 45-65 degrees, this helps to preserve those essential nutrients and also helps it to break down much quicker in your dog's tummy, preventing bloating. Not only this, but our recipes have been designed following a dedicated amount of research into canine health.

While all our flavours are suitable for any age, for puppies we highly recommend our Clear Water Salmon Premium Cold Pressed Dog Food. If you don't have a new puppy but are finding it difficult to find a food which suits your dog's needs, check out our guide to find the right food for your dog. 

Salmon is a high-quality protein, crammed with omega-3 fatty acids and as Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM, one of the world’s leading authorities in traditional and alternative veterinary medicine, states: “Puppy diets should consist of 25% to 30% high-quality, lean protein, including Omega-3 fatty acids, to reduce inflammation and protect against abnormal heart rhythms and one of the best sources is Salmon.”

Omega-3 fatty acids provide various health benefits for dogs including brain health and function, boosting the immune system, reduction in inflammation of the joints, alleviation of symptoms of arthritis and aids joint mobility. It also helps to maintain a healthy skin and coat and a reduction in skin irritations and allergies. Salmon is also rich in vitamins A, B-complex, and vitamin D, as well as magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

Sweet Potato is a perfect source of carbohydrate for dogs, it's gluten free and low allergenicity, is gentle on the tum and one of the best dietary sources of vitamin A, which promotes healthy skin, coat, eyes, nerves, and muscles. This recipe is completed with a range of carefully selected functional ingredients, ideal for puppies of tender weeks.

If you are a breeder and would like to find out how we can help support you and your dogs, find out more about our Breeders Club here. 

If you have recently given a puppy a new home, view our Clear Water Salmon recipe or find out more about feeding puppies cold pressed.