Wilsons customers help feed dogs in need

Did you know, that by simply ordering from Wilsons Pet Food, you're helping to feed a dog in need?

Wilsons to the Rescues Donation

As our business has grown, we started to receive contact from charities looking for pet food companies to help provide food for their rescue dogs. These companies are hardworking, selfless people who work all hours to make sure their rescues have the right care and help they need to find new homes, no matter their background.

Most charities don't receive funding and rely solely on fundraising and donations to help them continue providing care. 

We set up our Wilsons to the Rescues campaign back in 2019 as a way to help support charities, and during this time we've donated over 54,000 cold pressed dog food meals to dogs in kennels across the UK. 

Donation to K9 Crusaders

Over the course of the campaign we have supported a variety of different charities, including Birmingham Dogs Home, Dunrunnin Rehoming Centre, Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre, K9 Crusaders and Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary to name a few.  

For every bag, box or tray of Wilsons Pet Food sold, we donate food to charity, and our customers get the chance to pick who we support!

Every 3 months we ask our customers to get involved to nominate a charity they would like to receive our next donation, and then after narrowing it down to just a few, we then ask our social media followers to help us pick the Rescue Centre. 

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