Unique protein source

  • Natural Proteins

  • Planet Friendly

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Joint Care

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Skin & Coat

Lighter on tummies and the planet

Why feed insect based?

Rich in Omega 3

Low in Purine - perfect for dogs with allergies

Digestible & rich protein

Soluble fibres and prebiotics

MOS to support digestion

No Compromise

Flexitarian. Pescatarian. Vegetarian.

Vegan. Paleo. Plant-based.

We're all about choice.

You don't compromise.

So why should your dog?

Made in Britain

Every single one of

our products is always,

proudly made in Britain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not. Our insect-based food, like the rest of our range is compromise free. It’s complete and
nutritionally balanced.

Absolutely. Not only is it a complete food ready to go, but insects actually contain more protein than
chicken or beef!

First of all, insects are sustainably sourced and use far fewer of the planet’s resources. The process of
cold pressing food uses minimal energy and all our products are packed in sustainable recyclable,
biodegradable and compostable packaging.

No, it’s dry food but that’s where the similarities end. Kibble is extruded at very high tempertures. While
cold pressed is gently pressed at much lower temperatures to retain nutrients and preserve the benefits
of our carefully selected ingredients.

Nope! Switching to insect based is suitable even for the most squeamish pet owner. It looks exactly the
same as our other cold pressed pellets.

We get it. Insect based dog food is a bit of a change from standard flavours. That’s why we’ve created the recipe to be fed alone or alongside your standard proteins. We’re all about offering choice and lightening our environmental impact one bowl at a time. Insects are a fantastic source of animal protein, packed with protein and highly digestible. Not only that, but they are hypoallergenic and low in purines, so
perfect for dogs with sensitivities.

As with most of our food, Insect Protein is 100% grain free.

Absolutely – we recommend feeding from 2 months onwards, and introducing it slowly by blending with their existing puppy food over the period of 7-10 days.

We sell our food in 10kg boxes and 2kg boxes. But you can also purchase our food in just the inner eco paper bag without the box at a 5% price reduction.

It's a great way to save money and reduce your environmental impact by reusing your outer cardboard box.