160 Years of Wilsons Pet Food

We've had a very busy 160 years here at Wilsons Pet Food! From our humble beginnings to our growing business now feeding dogs throughout the UK, our team has always strived to develop the best food for your pets. 

160 years of Wilsons Pet Food

Back in 1861, our founder began working as a grain and feed merchant using a borrowed horse and cart to buy and sell animal feeds to local farmers in Dundee.

As the business developed over the years, the company (then known as Wilsons & Sons and later as Wilsons of Dundee) developed a muesli dog food for working dogs which was popular across Scotland. 

In 2017, our MD Craig came across cold pressed dog food in Europe and was so impressed with the quality and nutrition, he decided to transform our factory using purpose-built equipment in order for Wilsons to be the first company to produce cold pressed in the UK.

Cold Pressed Samples

Using minimal processing, cold pressed dog food retains more nutrients by using lower temperatures to press food, unlike traditional kibble which uses high temperatures. This process also helps aid digestion as it breaks down quickly in your dog's stomach, preventing bloating. 

Over the years Wilsons' range of 100% natural and quality food has become more and more popular amongst dogs in the UK, and we are proud to continue producing food in our Scottish factories. 

Our raw frozen and cold pressed dog food is made using 100% natural, quality ingredients with grain free and single sourced protein options available. Whether your dog is out working for long periods of the day or you simply enjoy leisurely walks together, we offer both premium and working dog ranges, giving your dog everything he needs to keep active and healthy. 

Haggis Dog Food

To celebrate 160 years of producing pet food, we've also recently launched our new Haggis dog food which pays homage to our Scottish heritage.

Hunting Haggis Cold Pressed is a delicious, complete meal that can be fed simply in the bowl on its own or accompanied with raw food.

Fed as a complementary food, our Haggis Supper Raw Frozen is great for adding your dog's favourite vegetables - why not add swedes and potatoes ("neeps and tatties") for a traditional Scottish dish! Order on it's own or as part of a core variety pack or premium variety pack.