3 reasons cold pressed dog food is perfect for travelling

If you’re planning a long trip or holiday with your dogs this Summer, one thing you might be starting to plan is how you’re going to feed them while you’re away, and our cold pressed dog food could be the answer!

Here are 3 reasons why our cold pressed dog food is great for making your trip that little bit less stressful.

cold pressed camping

1. Less to pack

As cold pressed dog food packs in more nutrition in each pellet compared to traditional kibble, you only need to feed around 30% less per bowl, therefore you only need to pack around 30% less food, meaning more space left in your car (obviously for more dog toys and treats!).

Plus, Wilsons Pet Food comes in a recyclable and sturdy cardboard box which makes it great for packing away neatly and keeping food safe and secure - just what you need for long car journeys! 

2. The perfect raw alternative

If you’re a raw feeder, you’ll know how hard it can be to continue feeding raw on the go, or at all if camping, so having a nutritious dry alternative can make all the difference.

Our cold pressed dog food is a great raw alternative because it breaks down at the same rate as raw food and is gentle on dogs' stomachs. This is all thanks to the cold pressed process which presses the food much more gently and at lower temperatures compared to kibble, helping to retain essential nutrients from our quality ingredients. So, unlike traditional kibble which swells and bloats when dropped into water, cold pressed break up much quicker.

3. Great for training 

Cold pressed makes great training treats, whether you want to use them for keeping your dogs’ attention on walks or for creating games and training in the car or in your accommodation.

The pellets come in a variety of sizes, and are quick and easy to snap in half, plus they fit perfectly in any training bag.

With plenty of great flavours to choose from, you can keep them excited! Why not order our sample pack of each flavour, all packed in 100g recyclable packaging - perfect for popping in your pocket!