Benefits of Raw Frozen Dog Food

If you've noticed the rise in popularity of raw food and are wondering if it's right for your dog, take a look at some of the fantastic benefits below.


It's exactly what is says on the tin (or biodegradable tray in our case!) - raw food is as natural as you can get. 

There's no heating, no bulking and no complicated processes which can destroy all the benefits of the original ingredients, so your dog gets all the goodness they deserve. 


We select only the best ingredients to go into our raw frozen recipes, including locally sourced, human-grade meat and delicious veg (for our Premium Complete range).

Thanks to its minimal processing, raw fed dogs tend to have healthier weight, better skin, breath and reduced shedding thanks to receiving all the nutrients from the original ingredients.


It's important for your dogs food to not only be good for their health but also for their digestion. With the right amount of protein and fat, with no fillers, digestion is quicker and easier helping to reduce the risk of bloating.

Easy to use

Our raw frozen food is minced together and packaged in re-sealable biodegradable trays, making it easy to portion out your dogs meals and store in the fridge/freezer. 

New and experienced

We have two ranges of Raw Frozen which makes it perfect for raw feeders of all experiences. 

If you're new to raw feeding, or are looking for something convenient, our Premium Complete Raw Frozen Dog Food is perfect for you. It contains everything your dog needs in one bowl, including a mix of meat, offal and bone alongside delicious veg.

If you're an experience raw feeder, or looking for DIY feeding, our Core Raw Frozen Dog Food could be the one for you. With an 80|10|10 mix of meat, offal and bone there's 4 flavours to choose from, giving you the freedom to add what you want to your dog's bowl.

More raw advice

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