Best food for active dogs

Here at Wilsons Pet Food we believe in providing the best quality food for all dogs, no matter their breed, size or lifestyle.

That's why we have developed not only a premium range for pet dogs across the UK, but also food to support working and active dogs.

Cold Pressed Working Dog Food Bowl

Food for working dogs

Wilsons are no stranger to working dog food, having previously produced a muesli dog food which became a staple on farms and yards across Scotland. As new research and technology became available, a few years ago we began investing in producing cold pressed food.

Cold pressed is a great technology because rather than heating and pressing food into tight shapes, we gently press our ingredients using much lower temperatures which help retain nutrition and makes the food easier to digest in dogs' tummies. 

What type of dogs benefit from working dog food?

Both the ingredients and cold pressing techniques make our Working Dog Food range perfect for traditional working dogs who spend the majority of the day working outside, such as a gundog or sheepdog, who require the need for slow releasing energy. It also supports dogs who maybe aren't as energetic but still require food to help maintain their focus and provide the stamina they need to stay alert, such search or assistance dogs. 

It's also a great diet for dogs who participate in sports and are particularly active therefore requiring a diet to help maintain their energy, such as agility, flyball and even heelwork. 

Working dog food on pallet

Why is cold pressed good for working dogs?

Like with our premium cold pressed range, the minimal processing and gentle pressing helps keep the goodness in, plus it reduces the risk of bloating - especially important for active dogs. 

Our working dog food recipes are grain-free, VAT free and comes in 15kg paper bags  - especially important for those with multiple dogs to feed. We never compromise on quality, ensuring all our food is nutritionally complete, uses the best ingredients, and helps improve skin, coat and digestion, supporting dogs of all lifestyles to be happy and healthy.

Not only does cold pressed make a delicious and nutritious meal, but it's also fab for popping into a treat bag and using out on walks or for training and rewarding.

Can you feed alongside raw?

Yes! Cold Pressed Working Dog Food is a great accompaniment to Raw Frozen Dog Food. As cold pressed is minimally processed and gently pressed using lower temperatures, it breaks down at the same rate as raw so you can feed both types of food together or interchange between the two at meal times. 

It's great to have cold pressed on hand too, for those times you may either run out of raw food or when there's not enough time to defrost the next meal. 

Thinking of making the switch?

Your dog will thank you for it! 

Why not order a box of Working Dog Food samples today, giving you the chance for your dog to try before you buy.

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This dog food is perfect for my working dogs old and new. Very happy customer
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