Don't dismiss the dust!

If you've tried cold pressed dog food before, you'll know what we mean by "dust", but if you're a cold pressed newbie, dust is the small about of crumbly food you may find at the bottom of your bag/box of food. 

Here we explain why it happens and why it's still a great benefit to your dog...

Why is there dust?

Well, quite simply, the dust is the bits of food that have come unattached to the cold pressed pellets. 

As cold pressed is minimally processed and gently pressed into shape, this makes it a softer, crunchier product compared to kibble which uses a lot of heat and pressure to press into it's shapes (a process called "extrusion").

When this product is moved around, the food can rub against each other producing dust, although this is usually a very small amount in your bag/box and you'll find it as you come to the bottom where it settles.

Is it still nutritious?

Yes! Although it looks different to the rest of the cold pressed, the powder is still just as nutritious and delicious for your dog - all that's happened is that it's been separated from the rest of the pellet.

You can feed as usual in your dogs bowl (with cold pressed or even with our raw frozen!) or if you have a bit of spare time, you could turn it into something more creative...

What can I do with the dust?

As mentioned above, you can simply add it in with your dogs regular meal, or you could even turn it into a paste for a Licki Mat or Kong. 

Looking for something more creative? Why not try one of these ideas:

- Mix together with water as a paste to pop into ice cube trays for a treat on a hot day (see pic)

- Use the dust to create some yummy dog biscuits in the oven

Here are some of our other recipes which you can use dust in:

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How do you use your dust? We'd love to see your ideas over on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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