Easy feeding tips for dogs on holiday

If you're looking for a relaxing holiday with your dog, take a look at our easy feeding tips to prevent any last minute stress.

Dog in car

Transporting dog food

Cold pressed dog food is easy to transport, simply find a suitable spot in your car/campervan/suitcase where it's less likely to be thrown around to reduce the amount of movement of food inside. Also ensure it has a cool, dry spot. 

Always ensure when transporting raw frozen dog food that you keep it frozen for the entire journey until you arrive at your destination. 

Take the right amount

If you're only going for a short trip, or want to ensure you've packed enough food, always make sure you portion out the right amount by calculating how much your dog needs for the number of days away, and weigh out their food. 

Our cold pressed boxes and raw frozen trays are the perfect size and shape for storing and transporting easily, following the advice above, make sure you've packed enough by again ensuring the recommended amount for your dog amounts to less than is available in your pack. 

Source nearby stockists

If you're worried about transporting raw and keeping it frozen over the journey, or if you need to pack light and are worried your food might not have adequate space, it could be worthwhile looking for a Wilsons Pet Food stockist nearby. 

Take a look on our Stockist Map and pop in the post code of your destination to find the closest stockist. 

We would always recommend calling ahead of time to check their availability, especially if your dog prefers particular flavours or has any allergies.

Research your accommodation

If you're a seasoned raw feeder, this will come as second nature. However if you're new to raw, one of the most important things you need to research before going away is fridge/freezer space to store your dogs food. 

If the online details aren't specific enough, don't be afraid to contact the company direct to ask specifics. It's much better to be 

Order in time

We're proud of our fast and fuss-free delivery service, however to help prevent any unexpected delays and issues with delivery, such as strikes, breakdowns or weather warnings, it's always best to order with plenty of time before your holiday.

If you order as and when, why not make a note in the diary to order a week earlier than usual, or if you have a dog food subscription with Wilsons, simply log on and change the date. 

Camping with Cold Pressed

Alternatives to raw

If you're a raw feeder, depending on the type of holiday you're going on, raw might not be the most convenient food to feed while you're away. For example, camping, flying, long distance or fridge space in accommodation.

We know it's important to ensure your dog has the same level of nutrition which is why our cold pressed dog food is the perfect alternative to raw frozen dog food

Not only does it break down at the same rate as raw frozen, but they also have similar benefits including aiding digestion (perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies), reduces bloating due to it's minimal processing, it's great for improved skin, coat and all-round health and results in healthy poos. 

We know trying new foods can be daunting, especially when it's only for a short period, but the best thing about cold pressed and raw is that both can be switched between meals as it breaks down at the same rate - this means you don't need to worry about gradually switching foods!

Try cold pressed dog food today by ordering a box of our samples, which contain a mix of flavours for your dog to try before committing to a full box.